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Eating M&M’s at SAS Boosts Morale

Employees at SAS Institute in Cary, N.C., consumed $216,000 worth of M&Ms on the company’s “M&M Days” in 2009. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but SAS revenues have increased for 33 consecutive years. Source: Harpers and New York Times Additional ideas … Continue reading

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Thirty-four percent of 754 employed Amer

Thirty-four percent of 754 employed Americans plan to look for a new job when economic conditions improve, according to a new poll. Forty-eight percent of them cite loss of trust in their employer as the reason. Source: 2010 Ethics & … Continue reading

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How to Motivate Workers: Rock The Office With Fun And Watch The Profits Roll In

“Work is either fun or drudgery. It depends on your attitude. I like fun.” —Colleen C. Barrett President Emerita of Southwest Airlines. Can you put in eight to 10 hours at work every day and still have fun? Many experts … Continue reading

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Ice Breakers and Team Building Games for Meetings

How many meetings have you been to that are just the same old thing — boring gatherings you cannot wait to leave. Most meetings are poorly managed and non-productive.

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Employee Engagement Survey | Towers Perrin

The Study on Employee Engagement surveyed nearly 2,600 workers in public, private, and not-for-profit sectors. The results showed nearly one-third of the U.S. workforce is “unengaged.” This means employees are not acting in ways that create positive customer experiences, which … Continue reading

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Starting a Mentoring Program | Leadership Mentoring Programs at Work

How do you retain and prepare your best talent to lead? Mentoring programs are one of the most effective tools in achieving business results. The authors of the book, War on Talent reported, “Of those who have had a highly helpful mentoring experience, 95 percent indicated it motivated them to do their very best, 88 percent said it made them less likely to leave their company, and 97 percent said it contributed to their success at the company.”

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Greg Smith on SHRM Television: Retention & Job Satisfaction

Greg Smith’s television interview about five things HR managers need to do to improve employee retention and job satisfaction. SHRM National conference in San Diego.          

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