What Makes a Person a Great Leader?

What do I get excited about? Ever since I was a kid I felt I had a calling, that I had a purpose in life. I had a passion to make a difference in the world. I knew I wanted to be a leader. I served in the Army for many years and was fortunate to serve under some outstanding leaders and learn from the best. Since those days I have trained other leaders, coached executives and helped to develop hundreds of organizations in over 26 different countries. Along the way, I have helped raise three children and a granddaughter. I have learned many things, but the one piece of knowledge that has always been foremost in my mind is the importance of a leader. A leader is not merely a title or job description, it is an action. Leadership is more about heart and soul than about education or a diploma on the wall. A person only becomes a leader after he or she has proven themselves – ratified themselves in the hearts and minds of those they are leading.

Joel Barker has the best definition of leadership. He says, “A leader is a person you would follow to a place you would not go to by yourself.”

I would like to hear from you on some of the best leaders you admire and why? What makes a person a great leader?

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  1. chris tidman says:

    You guys are real good.

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