Team Building Tips That Build Employee Motivation

Here are some ideas to reward and recognize your people:

Tool for New Employees:  Northeastern University has many divisions, each containing several departments.  The division decided to develop a tool to assist the new employees.  It is an orientation/training manual, and the entire company helps direct them where to go, who to speak to, and what they need to begin working on.

Staff Excellence Award:  Northeastern University has developed a staff excellence awards.  These are done monthly and the winners are nominated by those in their department.  They receive a gift certificate and plaque.

Perfect Attendance Recognition:  Graybar has weekly or monthly drawings for perfect attendance.  This is for those who have had no tardiness, etc. for the previous weeks.  They give one gift certificate per week.

On the Spot Award:  NexCom uses the “On the Spot Award.”  Any supervisor who finds an employee doing the right thing gives it.  They give that employee a gift certificate, minimum $25, maximum $100.

Breakfast Burrito Reward:  Sandia National Labs has the Breakfast Burrito reward.  When a team or individual meets a certain performance goal, they get a Breakfast Burrito party.  Status towards achievement is tracked on a poster… red chilies indicate falling behind schedule, and green chilies show if they are on time, or ahead of schedule.  This is very inexpensive, but well received.  Employees love to eat!

Source:  TNT: Dynamic Ideas to Reward, Energize and Motivate Your Teams

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