Healthcare Shortages Will Affect All


The Executive Compensation 2007/2008 Survey
of 5,300 employers finds 63 percent of organizations
offered cell phones to executives as a perk, and
an additional 44 percent provided laptops or
home PCs in 2007.

Source: Compdata Surveys ~ Olathe, Kan.

The College Student Career Confidence Survey of
247 recent college graduates finds 61 percent
expect to remain with their first employer for less
than three years.

Source: Right Management ~ Philadelphia

When 150 senior executives were asked, “How
often, if ever, do you conduct formal performance
appraisals of your staff?” they responded:

Once a year- 58%
Twice a year-31%
Quarterly- 8%
Never- 2%
As necessary-1%

Source: Office Team ~ Menlo Park, Calif.

As reported by the Human Resource Executive

In an article written by Bill Leonard in HR Staffing
News he said . . .”Estimates from the National
Institutes of Health show that U.S. health care
organizations could face a shortage of 1 million
registered nurses by 2020. A study released in July
2007 by Watson Wyatt Worldwide and the American
Society for Healthcare Human Resources found more
than two-thirds of health care employers report having
moderate to great trouble retaining employees with
critical skills, such as nurses, compared to 43 percent
of organizations across all industries.

The Watson Wyatt study found that, while compensation
was a key ingredient to retaining skilled health care
workers, employers with the best retention records
offered a variety of perks, such as flexible scheduling
and more vacation time. According to Watson Wyatt
consultant Jamie Hale, the high-stress environment
in hospitals explains why some workers choose to leave,
and a chronic shortage of registered nurses and physical
therapists just adds to employee retention problems.”

30-60-90 Plan

Mercy Hospital has a 30-60-90 day plan for all new hires.
At 30 days a survey is sent asking how their initiation into
Mercy was and requesting feedback on HR and orientation.
At 60 days the manager sits down with the new employee
to find out more about them: their hobbies, interests, what
committees they might want to be on. At 90 days the employee
is invited to meet with administration (VP and CEO) to share
ideas for the future, what impressed them about Mercy, and
what they would change. Each employee is given a “hand”
decal for his or her name badge. This lets others know they
are new and reminds them to extend a helping hand or an
extra hand. At 90 days, they peel off the sticker and are
given a Mercy logo gift.

Source: 401 Proven Ways to Retain Your Best Employees

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