Employee Retention Workshop: Creating a High Retention Workplace

Learn the 8 Dimensions of Creating a High
Retention Workplace



This all day seminar will help you understand and
develop an in-depth strategy to attract, keep, and
motivate your workforce. Discover why some
employees would rather work for a good employer
than leave for a pay raise. This session will show
managers, owners, supervisors, and human resource
professionals not only how to retain their most
talented performers, but also how to transform
their entire workforce into a high-retention
culture—saving organizations countless thousands
of dollars. This session is jam packed with tips,
ideas, and advice for creating an employee
retention strategy.

Learn how to . . .

>Build a high retention workforce that reduces
employee turnover
>Help people reach greater levels of productivity
leading to higher job satisfaction
>Improve employee motivation
>Transform the entire workforce into a high-
retention culture—saving organizations countless
thousands of dollars
>Implement advice focusing on industries including
healthcare, manufacturing, service, high tech, and
professional firms

Employee Retention: Why is it important?

As you know, it is getting more difficult to find
and keep talented workers. U.S. businesses spend
over $200 billion annually recruiting and
replacing employees.

Estimates show 48 to 65 percent of the workforce
is dissatisfied with their current employment
situation and could leave for better positions as
the economic situation continues to improve.
Unemployment is the lowest it has been since 2000.
By 2010 we could expect a shortage of nearly seven
to ten million workers.

The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)
and the Wall Street Journal website completed the
Job Recovery Survey. The key findings revealed 64
percent of employees said they were extremely
likely to begin or increase the intensity of their
job search. An additional 19 percent said they
were somewhat likely to increase their search.

This program provides strategies and suggestions
on ways to turn an average organization into a
highly productive, low-turnover environment where
managers can focus on productivity — not
recruiting and replacing an endless stream of

Who Should Attend:

Greg Smith will help you chart your course toward
success by addressing the eight dimensions needed
to create a high retention organization. As part
of the training, you will develop a plan of action
for each of the eight dimensions.

His strategy-laden illustrations from many
different industries such as La Rosa’s, Yahoo, Jet
Blue, Google, Deloitte, Baptist Hospital, SSM
Healthcare, SAS, Ritz-Carlton hotels and others
provide proof his strategies generate measurable
results within the attitudes of people and the

Our training programs will provide you with
hundreds of ideas on how to manage your
department, organization, or company. You will
leave with an action plan that can be immediately
implemented once you return to the office.

Here’s What You’re Going to Learn:

>Understand the eight key dimensions needed for an
effective organizational retention strategy
>Understand the leadership skills needed for high
>Build an employee retention culture
>Implement a retention strategy that will save you
countless thousands of dollars in turnover costs
>Design powerfully effective orientation or
“Onboarding” process
>Use employee involvement programs to engage your
>Create incentives and recognition programs that
attract and keep your best performers
>Understand and create an Employee Value
Proposition (EVP) that makes you an employer of
>Specific examples from leading organizations
>How to design and use Individual Retention Plans
to build powerful bonds between employees and
their managers

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