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Healthcare with Feelings PGHealthcare With Feelings: Creating the Ultimate Patient Experience

Healthcare Customer Service Training for Hospitals, Clinics, Long Term Care Centers and Medical Practice Clinics


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Delivery Methods:

This training program is designed so you can either purchase the training materials, certify one or more of your staff members to teach the program, or we can come to your location to conduct the training program.

  • Onsite Training
  • Purchase Training Material
  • Certification Training


Healthcare with Feelings is our newest customer service training program for hospitals, clinics, labs, admin and healthcare workers in general.  Healthcare with Feelings will help new and experienced staff members deliver a powerful impact on employee performance and the quality of care your organization provides.

Providing quality customer service is more important than ever before. Our healthcare customer service training programs are specifically designed for hospitals, physician offices, clinics and medical practices in the healthcare industry.  Healthcare with Feelings is about adapting to change by providing the best patient care possible.

Today’s healthcare consumers are shrewd, informed buyers— and if or when they have a poor experience, they will not hesitate to spell out every painstaking detail in an online forum post or publicly vent their frustration. The patient will decide if it is easy to do business with your practice and they expect to be treated with respect, compassion and dignity.

The essence of healthcare is caring, but caring is more than just a word. Caring is how we feel about our patients. It’s how we provide services, treatment and support. Caring means more than simply being physically present. It means taking you patients’ feelings into account and adapting your care to reflect their needs as well as their desires. The crucial first step in developing caring relationships is to consider patients and staff as special—and to treat them that way.

Healthcare With Feelings Outline:

  • The Healthcare Consumer Experience
  • The Modern Healthcare Consumer
  • Cultivating a Positive Self-Image
  • First Impressions, Feedback and Online Reviews
  • Putting Healthcare Consumers and Their Families First
  • Building Caring Relationships
  • Positive Communication Techniques
  • The Quality of Your Customer Care
  • Exceeding Expectations and Staying Engaged
  • Providing Quality Care to Your Colleagues
  • Handling Difficult Customers in the Healthcare Setting

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Formats for Our Healthcare Customer Service Program

HCgangphotoLeader Guide – A Leader Guide is a user-friendly guidebook that enables ANYONE to lead a group on healthcareldrgudeFeelings. The sections are clearly marked for the leader, prompts the leader to start the video, enables the leader to facilitate group discussions (no need to answer questions even!), and provides exercises for the group. We make being a Leader SIMPLE!

Video – Three videos show how the learning concepts work in practice. Over 80% of instruction is built around
experiential learning. The principle objectives are to change attitudes and behaviors, to teach leading-edge customer service skills, and to build morale and teamwork.

Download PDF

Participant Book – An easy to read book for Participants. Each book contains hcpgkey concepts about the Feelings program along with thought provoking quotes and interactive exercises. Not only will a participant find value in this material for their job, but learn invaluable lessons.

Performance Standards – A valuable four page evaluation sheet to monitor employee improvement.

SQI FEELINGS RETAIL SERVICE Technique CardQuality Technique Card – A Glossy 3×5 color index card highlighting the key Feelings topics as an easy daily reminder for Leaders and Participants.

Certificate – Each Participant will receive a color certificate with their name on it upon completion of the Feelings program.

guarantee1100% Money-Back, LIFETIME Guarantee ! If you are not completely satisfied with ANY of our products, if you do not feel your company’s customer service level increased, if you do not feel your company is increasing its revenues based on our product, return it at any time for a full refund!


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Greg Smith | Lead Navigator | 770-860-9464 | Chart Your Course International |

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