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Employee Turnover Rates Improve By Hiring the Right People

Controlling Employee Turnover and Addressing Disengagement with a Complete System “…retention of top talent is impacted most by the ability to provide meaningful work and a culture where people are passionate about what they do …” –Matthew W. Schuyler, Hilton’s … Continue reading

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Do you trust your Human Resource Department?

Do you trust HR? A survey of 623 international respondents found the same percentage of executives and managers, 49 percent, trust their company’s HR department.

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Getting a Job Improves If You Get Teeth Whitened

According to a study of 80 randomly selected individuals who participated in two simulated job interviews, 58 percent were more likely to be hired and 53 percent received higher salary offers after their teeth had been whitened. Kelton Research ~ … Continue reading

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RETIRING BOOMERS: In response to the question, “How would you characterize the attitude toward retirement of the baby boomers in your organization?” 2,500 HR executives said they weren’t sure (25 percent), or that such workers: Seem no more eager to … Continue reading

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Employee Retention Statistics: Why Good People Quit

How to Retain Your Top Talent Strategies to Retain and Engage High Potentials Research shows as the economy rebounds, organizations will see their most promising talent abandon ship in high numbers. In a recent article that appeared in Harvard Business … Continue reading

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Seven Steps To Increase Sales and Build Customer Loyalty

Most businesses spend more time and energy trying to find new customers instead of retaining those they have. The logic behind customer retention management (CRM) is simple–It costs far less money to keep customers happy than to spend much more … Continue reading

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Executives and Their Job Satisfaction

JOB SATISFACTION: When 3,187 employed executives with an average salary of $206,000 are asked if they are either satisfied or very satisfied with their job, these professions rate the highest: Marketing 76% HR 75% Finance 73% Business Development 71% Source: … Continue reading

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