Employee Retention Tips Designed to Reduce Employee Turnover

Here are some ideas and tips to help reduce employee turnover

Keep Your Promise List

Employees often gripe that companies do not keep their promises. For
example, who has been promised a promotion, education, or a new
assignment? Keep a list of these promises and make sure they are
fulfilled or at the very least keep the person posted on their status.

Get Out of Work Free Card

A Perkins franchise in Minneapolis stages contests for servers and
kitchen crew and provides them a get-out-of-work-free card. The
restaurant employee chooses any manager they want to work one of their
scheduled shifts. It is done in a good-natured, fun way. The results
generated build better camaraderie and help managers understand the
challenges of each position through this unique “Walk a Mile in My Shoes”

Excerpted from “401 Proven Ways to Retain Your Best Employees”

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